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She’s the type of girl you’ll wanna chew up all her Bubblegum. She’s also the type of girl you don’t wanna take to your momma’s house, and THAT’s – FOR – SURE because she’s just that bubblicious of all bubble gums and has that special sweet flavor that lasts for daaaaaaaaays on your tongue and in your mouth. You’ll never want to brush your teeth again after kissing or licking any part of this dark chocolate and the saying, ‘Carpe Diem’ or seize the day is knocking at the door girl so lets give this celibate slit some great dick. Yes celibate and let me put that statement into context because according to Skyla she’s been celibate for the past month or so and hasn’t had any dick in like forever according to her. She states though that she loooooooves sex. Love that, but unfortunately admits none has been attached to any of the guys she’s been fucking lately and so she prefers to satisfy herself with a few electrical devices attached to her own hand. Lucky devices. Anyways this girl brightens up any room she enters with a smile that sparkles perfectly white teeth and are veiled by some of the finest DSL’s we’ve ever had at ExCoGi. Sucking cock you ask? Yes please and this girl knows her way around cock taking Tyler’s down her throat as she sucks the life out of him through his stiff noodle. This girl can suck a golf ball through a garden hose with those lips and said subsequent fellatio was just the Hors D’oeuvre to this fine feast and the cunniligus the appetizer. But I’ll admit you could have made a whole meal on those oral delights spread before y’all, but trust me when I say, both Tyler and Skyla’s appetite for sex was insatiable so let the gluttony and sloth begin. So as Sklya revealed those spectacularly magnificent all natural DD tits we also got a quickie peek at her other fine rear feature that when twerked could be used to mesmerize leaders of countries and steal their assets. It’s like a perfectly proportioned thickness to firmness ratio with just the right amount of wiggle that will blow your eardrums out when spanked firmly. Trust me, I had to lower the audio postproduction at each ass spanking because Tyler loved spanking it hard as he gave Skyla 3 orgasms in this 2 hour behemoth of a sexual chemistry love affair. Get a hotel room you two because it’s hard to make Skyla cum during sex and fine girls, great chemistry, multiple orgasms, anal play, facials, cum licking and tasting sprinkled in between pussy pounding and ass licking are sure fire ingredients to an all you can eat buffet and both of these two ate to their heart’s content. So once again thank you everyone for reading this to the end because if you did you’re a Rock Star and the reason I put so much effort into my productions, write ups and edits because I believe in including that one ingredient that also makes grandma’s home made apple pie so delicious. Looooooove, and I love what I do, and love giving our members the excellent content that you’ve all cum to expect. So happy fapping, and Cheers!!!

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