BackroomCastingCouch – Brianna – There’s No Sex In The Champagne Room

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We’ve got a hot and sexy MILF lined up for you this week. Brianna’s here and she’s ready to take the next step towards being a pornstar. Brianna is already an exotic dancer. So she’s already kinda in the adult industry, just a different facet than what we do here. She’s hot, she knows what she wants, and I’m sure she knows how to get it. Rick gets her in and has her sit on the couch. She’s put together really well, with the kind of confidence only a MILF could have. When it’s time to see what she’s packing (cause those tits are masssssive) she’s wearing a really great matching bra and panty set, and that garter belt is gonna give me something to hold on to. She’s got no problem masturbating in front of us which isn’t much of a surprise. She’s totally up to the task of showing off her skills when it’s time to suck my cock. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, there’s nothing better than when a woman ENJOYS sucking cock, and this is no exception. So we do the damn thing and she’s great. We fuck around the office a bit, and she’s a squirrrrter. So we get some good squirts, riding and cock tasting. Then it’s on to the butthole with some attempted gapes, and ass to mouth. I finally unload on those massive knockers, something we haven’t done in a long long time. She seems okay with this experience until Rick tells her she isn’t getting paid, then for a half a second I was worried. You don’t ever come between a stripper and her money, but everything was cool, and away she goes.

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