MILFOverload – Syren De Mer, Katie Morgan, Lauren Phillips, Dee Williams And Caitlin Bell – Payback Overload

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Tyler Cruise arrives at a house holding a bouquet of flowers. He knocks on the door and cheerfully greets the woman, Lauren Phillips, who answers. ‘I have a special delivery from AT Gardens for a Mrs. Phillips!’ he announces, though Lauren looks suspicious as she eyes the flowers. She asks who the flowers are from and when Tyler gives her husband’s name, she starts fuming. ‘I can’t BELIEVE– come inside, young man!’ Lauren says as she hauls Tyler inside.

Lauren leads Tyler inside where a bunch of Lauren’s friends (Katie Morgan, Dee Williams, Syren De Mer, Caitlin Bell) are. Lauren briefly introduces Tyler as a delivery boy from a flower shop while Tyler awkwardly smiles, still holding the flowers. ‘Can you BELIEVE my good-for-nothing husband sent FLOWERS after what he DID??’ Lauren exclaims to her friends, who are just as shocked and riled up as she is. They all exclaim that they can’t believe it, clearly on Lauren’s side. Tyler, however, is completely lost and hapless but still trying to smile and keep up with the conversation.

After some more cryptic remarks of disbelief from the various women and Tyler mindlessly going along with them, it’s finally revealed what has the women riled: Lauren’s husband has cheated on her and her friends have all gathered that day to support Lauren. They’re ALL infuriated that the husband thinks that sending flowers will make up for his infidelity.

Tyler is shocked and awkward as he stares down at the flowers in his hands, then back at Lauren. He starts apologizing, saying that he had no idea and that he was just doing his job. But as he stammers, Lauren starts eyeing him up, showing hints of lust. ‘Hmm, what do you ladies think…? Should I be the better person or should I go for a bit of payback and have some fun of my OWN? An eye for an eye, and all that?’ Lauren questions her friends. The friends are intrigued as they all start eyeing up Tyler with lust as well…

Tyler is stunned and obviously tempted but stammering as he says that he doesn’t want to cause any trouble and should be going. But Lauren takes the flowers and throws them aside, then fawns over Tyler as the other women approach him to do the same. Lauren then seductively tells him to show them what a REAL man’s all about!

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