MixedX – Veronica Leal And Candee Licious – The Devil Made Me Do It

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Veronica Leal and Candee Licious live in a happy, passionate relationship. They live together and use their free time to have sex and romance. The chemistry between them is incredible. They love to kiss each other and cuddle a lot. Candee works hard to make a financially independent life for us, while Veronica makes the household.

The beautiful blonde goddess Candee is a successful model, and she earns a lot of money. The sexy Brazilian Veronica enjoys her life, but after a year, she gets bored at home and starts to be jealous of her love. Suddenly, She wishes for her life back, and she wouldn’t be jealous of Candee because she passed away. Veronica tries to bring it back for her love via ouija’s table.

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