ModernDaySins – Emma Hix, Vanna Bardot And Rocky Emerson – Cum Gluttons: Try Not To Cum Challenge

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Nathan Bronson returns home and finds his girlfriend Rocky Emerson waiting in the bedroom with two of her friends, Emma Hix and Vanna Bardot. Nathan is a bit surprised because he wasn’t expecting Rocky’s friends to be visiting today, but that surprise turns to shock when Emma and Vanna say they’re here to help with his premature ejaculation problem. Nathan is upset that Rocky told them about that, but the friends assure him that they’re not here to judge, and they just want to help.

After some discussion, it seems the root of the problem is that Nathan loves Rocky SO MUCH that it causes him to get too excited and cum early. Emma and Vanna say that Nathan needs to practice enjoying sex as a pleasurable activity, without too many emotions attached to it. The friends then reveal that they’re here to help Nathan practice by having a foursome, and that he must do his best not to cum until he makes all three women cum first.

An energetic foursome ensues, including the women giving Nathan blowjobs with edging to make sure he doesn’t cum too early. He fucks the women in various positions, until he is rewarded with the delights of squirting and squirt swallowing. Once he satisfies the ladies, he is FINALLY allowed to cum, and gets to enjoy the sight of Rocky and her friends cumswapping and cum swallowing. Good job, Nathan!

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