CoupleSwapping – Brooklyn Gray And Anna Claire Clouds – Social Chemistry

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A couple, Anna Claire Clouds and John Legendary, return home from a double date with another couple, Derrick Pierce and Brooklyn Gray. Both couples agree that the movie they just watched together was good, but now it’s time for the REAL fun to begin, because these couples have open relationships! They talk about how hard it is to find other couples who are into all of the same things they are, so it’s great that they found each other.

Anna and Brooklyn get partially undressed, and start enjoying the taste of each other’s lips and breasts. The men eagerly watch, each planting kisses on his girlfriend’s shoulders while enjoying the view. The guys help their girlfriends to get further undressed, and then the girlfriends experiment with kissing each other’s boyfriends. Now that everyone’s warmed up, it’s time for this steamy foursome to get even sexier!

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