MommysBoy – Tiffany Watson And Dee Williams – Share With Your Stepbrother!

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Tyler Cruise can be a bit of a handful for the family. He especially likes to cause trouble for his stepsister, Tiffany Watson, who thinks he’s a total brat. One day, Tiffany returns from shopping and Tyler grabs the bag from her, curious about her purchase. He quickly finds a pair of sexy lingerie and teases her about a secret boyfriend she must have. Although Tiffany’s annoyed by Tyler, she does admit to having a date that night — and that he can’t tell their stepmom, Dee Williams, about it! He promises that he won’t, though he does have something else in mind… Later that evening, Tyler hides in Tiffany’s bedroom closet, wanting to catch Tiffany bringing home her date, which she ISN’T allowed to do. He’s so ready to tattle on his stepsister when she brings someone into the room and starts to get intimate… but he’s in for the shock of his life when he realizes that Tiffany is getting frisky with none other than Dee! All of his jealousy surges to the surface as Tyler suddenly bursts out of the closet. Dee and Tiffany are shocked as he angrily remarks that he’s always felt like he’s in second place behind Tiffany and NOW he knows WHY! But Dee is adamant that she never meant to make him feel that way — THEY have a special relationship, too. She promises Tyler that she’ll make sure he NEVER feels like he’s in second place again, inviting him to join her and Tiffany in some much-needed fun. Although this isn’t how Tyler was expecting the night to go, he’s down!

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