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Barbie Brill is in a really difficult situation. During her first semester of college, she developed a huge crush on her handsome professor. She has tried flirting with him but has had no success. He was polite when she spurned her advances, explaining that he is happily married. Not one to take no for an answer, Barbie has one more thing she can try. One of her classmates told her that the professor doesn’t like sweet, innocent girls, but instead can’t resist a filthy girl who dresses and acts like a complete slut. Changing her clothes, hair, and make-up, she gives it another try and this time catches his eye. She has his attention and turns up the heat, giving him a good look at her body and moving for the kill when she sees the lust in his eyes. Pulling out his cock, she puts it in her mouth showing that she knows how to give head better than his wife. That drives him wild and he takes her into the house, bends her over, and fucks her tight teenage pussy with long, powerful thrusts. Barbie is so happy. She has his attention and is stirring up all kinds of desires from her, the handsome older man. When he tries to move her, she grabs his dick and sucks it clean before letting him put it back inside of her. He is happy to teach her how to ride a pole like a good slut. She loves being on top but wants him to take her from behind again before he cums. He pumps harder than ever, finally pulling out to shoot his load. Barbie holds out her tongue and eats every drop just to show him how good she is at being a bad girl.

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