PervMom – Mercedes Carrera – Indulging In My Sons Best Friend

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Mercedes Carrera was a nervous mother who could not find her stepson. She called one of his best friends to come help her find him. The friend was useless. All he was good for was staring at her tits. She sent him off only to realize that this guy was kind of helpful and hot in a way. She sent him sexy pics and videos of herself in compromising situations. They were definitely going to fuck soon. Mercedes invited the young man over the next day while her stepson was out. She began to suck his cock in the kitchen, then continued in the living room. Someone was heard coming down the stairs. They were so close to fucking they could almost taste it. Mercedes invited her stepsons friend over one final time and escorted him to her bedroom. He pounded her motherly pussy to the point where Mercedes felt so much love for him that it was like he was one of her own…

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