Transfixed – Lauren Phillips And Brittney Kade – The Secret Life Of Dolls

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Inside a doll collector’s bedroom, there is a pink dollhouse among her treasures. After the doll collector leaves the room, two dolls in the dollhouse, Brittney Kade and Lauren Phillips, come to life and talk excitedly about what they had just witnessed. The doll collector has had these two dolls for 19 years now, and this was the first time they ever saw her have sex!

At first, Brittney and Lauren were scared since they’d never heard so much noise before, but it seems that the doll collector and her girlfriend really enjoyed themselves. It must’ve felt good!

The dolls wonder aloud if THEY can do what the collector and the other woman did, too. It sure looked like a lot of fun and it seems like the collector might be gone a while, so now is their chance before she comes back. They become flirty and excited as they agree to give it a try…

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