TrueLesbian – Dee Williams And Spencer Bradley – The Spare Room

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Evelyn (Dee Williams) welcomes Ariel (Spencer Bradley) into her house, helping her with some luggage. Through their conversation, it’s revealed that Evelyn is renting a spare bedroom to Ariel, and Ariel is moving in that day. Ariel appears frazzled and a bit overwhelmed, but remains pleasant toward Evelyn, who is nothing but compassionate and welcoming.

Evelyn shows Ariel to the bedroom she’ll be staying in. As they continue chatting, it’s further revealed that Ariel recently went through a bad breakup with her boyfriend and is in a weird place in her life after this being one breakup after another. Evelyn and Ariel admit that this new living arrangement is unusual, mostly due to their age difference, but Ariel is happy to have a place to stay and Evelyn is welcome for some company after the house being a bit too quiet for a bit too long now.

Over the course of the next several weeks, the two women develop a bond as they share intimate conversations and get to know each other. Throughout, there are hints that a mutual appreciation is growing between them, although it’s unclear whether it’s just mutual respect and admiration or if there’s something more…

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