DVKProductions – Everything Is Allowed (2003)

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AThe main character of the film Vadim no luck with women. One day, tired of failure and loneliness, Vadim gets drunk sitting at the TV. But suddenly appeared on the screen the mysterious TV presenter offers Vadim to play with her in a risky erotic game. Vadim accepts the offer … From this moment Vadim begin to occur most incredible erotic adventures.

fter all the struggle with the police on the streets, and as much struggle with the censorship in the offices this release of DVK Productions is called real break through in the adult entertainment industry.
It was shot on the streets, in a bar, in a store, in a park, on a boat, in a theatre, in a city bus – this movie is going further than any other before.

The stars of this movie were surrounded by the crowd, and literally pushed the limits of what considered to be a moral boundaries, and definitely the limits of their own courage.
The movie is 2 hours long, and you will enjoy every moment of it!Scene Breakdown
Scene 1. Alena Mitrofanova, Vadim Muromtsev
Scene 2. Sabrina, Vadim Muromtsev
Scene 3. Yana, Roman Streletskiy, Stepan Skvortsov
Scene 4. Nina, Vadim Muromtsev
Scene 5. Ekaterina Shitova, Vadim Muromtsev
Scene 6. Natali, Vadim Muromtsev
Scene 7. Elleonora Dubova, Vadim Muromtsev
Scene 8. Messalina Piterskaya, Vadim Muromtsev
Scene 9. Alena Mitrofanova, Ekaterina Shitova, Elleonora Dubova, Nina, Messalina Piterskaya, Natali, Sabrina, Vadim Muromtsev

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