Private Movies 32 Dreams in White 2 (2007)

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All themed in white, ‘Dreams in White II’ is a series of scenes inspired by sexy rock video dreams. Starring beautiful girls and ‘rock’ hard sex, shot in Moire (*) Candy’s unique style.

Scene Breakdown
Scene 1. Claudia Rossi, Wein Lewis
Scene 2. Keana Moire, Sarah Twain
Scene 3. Vanessa Mae, Wein Lewis
Scene 4. Belicia, Wein Lewis
Scene 5. Sara, JC Sonogod
Scene 6. Ellen Saint, Denis Marti

Review by baskkk2003

Review of ‘Dreams In White II’

Sorry: I’m reviewing Part II without having seen Part I yet, but wow! – I love ‘Dreams In White’ as a concept for a Private movie! A series of beautiful girls in fantasy costumes are filmed against brilliant white backgrounds in studio sets which are sometimes enhanced with pop-art designs. Each girl begins by teasing the viewer with suggestive poses, and then she’s joined by a partner for some great sex. This may sound simple but it’s definitely chic: it’s like watching a cinematic equivalent of the highly-stylised studio photosets which are published in the pages of Private’s magazines or at (especially since have recently changed the colour background of their web pages to white.)

This sense of style is heightened by a sexy use of music and MTV-standard editing effects. One of Moire (*) Candy’s most exciting tricks is to pose a girl solo, in a position inviting sex – and then to cut forward to a shot of the girl in exactly the same position but with her on-screen partner having joined her to lick or penetrate her. This technique of suddenly jumping forward to the sex is another way in which the experience of watching the film is like clicking through the pages in a photoset. It’s a technique which ‘cuts to the chase’ and helps keep the movie edgy.

The piquancy of each scene is sharpened by Moire (*) Candy’s alternations between shots of the girl alone for the camera (often with a dildo) and the shots where she’s joined by her on-screen partner for the latest position. This technique is a fresh way of suggesting that taking pleasure in the girl is a thrill intended privately for the viewer as well as vicariously through the stud who gets to fuck her on the set: the frequent transitions sustain a delicious tension between these two ways of seeing the girl.

Incidentally, Marc Lelong is another director who makes a spectacular use of the ‘jump cut’ technique in his own recent Private release, ‘Le Tour Anal’. Check out Scene One, in which Tiffany Hopkins wiggles her ass and pussy at the camera, provoking a frantic jump forward to her first cock injection of the film. Despite this exciting opening, Lelong squanders much of his movie’s sex on uninspiring medium-shots and long-shots, whereas, by contrast, Moire (*) Candy know how to savour their models’ bodies with intimate, close-up camera movements.

To sum up, Moire (*) Candy are delivering the kind of artistic stylishness which fans of Private like to associate with the brand. Compared with the best-known Private Gold productions, ‘Dreams In White II’ may well seem low-budget… but this is some of the most stimulating cinematography and editing that we’ve seen in Private movies since the early days of Antonio Adamo’s Private-Penthouse series.

There is only one area in which (with respect) I think Moire (*) Candy should change their approach with future films of this type – the cumshot sequences. Some of the facials are marred, it seems to me, by trigger-happy editing during the cumshot itself. Perhaps it would be better to hold off and allow each facial to play in a single, uninterrupted take, with no editing at all to distract from the primal pleasure of the male orgasm during those vital few seconds. (Afterwards, once the cum has been spent, it might then be okay to indulge a tricksy replay – as Antonio Adamo used to do, celebrating the climax from different angles, with different effects or at different speeds.) Also, I think it would have been better to ‘linger’ a little longer after some of the facials. Vanessa certainly smoulders for us at the end of her scene, but in Belicia’s case (for example) I wanted to spend a few more seconds enjoying her close-up eye-contact before she disappears in a flash dissolve! I hasten to add that I liked all the facials in ‘Dreams In White II’: these are just my personal suggestions as to how it could have been even better.


1: Claudia Rossi stars in an m/f scene which includes anal and a cum-on-the-ass finale. Claudia is dressed in a sexy schoolgirl uniform, complete with tartan skirt, white socks and pigtails. I love the pink balloons in the background, matching the colour of Claudia’s dildo. Claudia Rossi is one of Private’s raunchiest stars, and it’s great to see Moire (*) Candy using her in a range of their films. This scene is a good opener, representing all that’s best about the ‘Dreams In White’ style.

2: Keana Moire and Sarah Twain share an f/f scene, enjoying lots of dildo fun together. The fantasy context is that the girls are construction workers, a pair of builders who discard their cement trowels to indulge their passion for each other.

3: An m/f scene with Vanessa, including anal and a cum-on-the-face finish. Vanessa reminds me a bit of Billie Piper – except that she’s a brunette with a dirtier, sluttier look than Billie. There’s no special costume this time: Vanessa is dressed in a white bra top and tight denim jeans. A nice scene.

4: Belicia appears in angel wings for an m/f scene which includes anal and a facial. I know that Belicia has featured in several Private films, but, to date, the only other title I’ve seen her in is ‘Cum On My Face #3’. There, our impression of the girl is limited by an unvaried POV shot. Here, Moire (*) Candy showcase Belicia’s stunning looks and her perfect form to full advantage. Wow! Just wow! Until today I’d rated Suzie Diamond as Private’s most beautiful current star… but Belicia has swept me off my feet! Despite my reservations about the handling of the facial, this scene is definitely my favourite.

5: An m/f scene with Sara, who wears sexy white stockings. It all ends with a cumshot to the mouth… and lots of the jizz rains down onto Sara’s tits.

6. Ellen Saint appears in an m/f scene which includes anal and a facial to finish. Ellen performs on a wicker recliner and has sexy fun with a jug of cream. She also gets the benefit of the creamiest wad of jism in the whole movie.


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