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Vanna Bardot just got back from a trip and decided to stop by a lingerie shop on her way home. She wants to surprise her partner Codey Steele with a little feast for the eyes when he gets in from his grueling construction job. They’ve both been so busy lately, and Vanna hopes that her going the extra mile will help put them in the right mood.

But when Codey gets home, achy and tired, he barely seems to notice what Vanna’s wearing. She feels a bit let down by this, to say the least. It seems like nothing she tries can help reignite their dwindling passion. It’s a recurring issue for them, and at one point, they’ll have to get to the bottom of it.

One day, Vanna sits Codey down to have a chat about their relationship. She voices how she feels like they’ve drifted apart, and she wants to find a way to fix it. Codey is willing, and the both of them have a frank, open conversation about how they’ve been feeling of late. Surprisingly, this leads to them finding out that there are certain things they could be doing for each other during sex- something they’ve rarely talked about before.

They go deep into their likes and dislikes, learning things about each other that they never knew were there. Before long, these two have reignited their flame and decide to make love once more. But this time, they’re approaching their sexuality from a totally new angle- one of understanding and communication.

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