Dorcel – Lana, Desires Of Submission (2018)

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The beautiful and talented American journalist Lana is going to launch herself into an investigation about submission. She will meet Jean Lefort, a writer who is specialized in the subject. Taking him at first sight as a narcissistic manipulator, Lana will soon end her interview. Not being the kind of person to give up so easily, Lana will make her mea culpa and agree to leave her camera to share a weekend of initiation with Jean at Claire’s, one of her loyal readers. On the way, she will even her nature into an exhibitionist game to convince her host of her intentions.

Scene Breakdown
Scene 1. Lucy Heart, Rico Simmons
Scene 2. Clea Gaultier, Philippe Soine
Scene 3. Lana Rhoades, Ricky Mancini
Scene 4. Claire Castel, Lucy Heart
Scene 5. Lucy Heart, Rico Simmons
Scene 6. Lana Rhoades, Alberto Blanco, Ricky Mancini
Scene 7. Claire Castel, Rico Simmons
Scene 8. Clea Gaultier, Ricky Mancini
Scene 9. Clea Gaultier, Math
Scene 10. Clea Gaultier, Alberto Blanco
Scene 11. Lana Rhoades, Ricky Mancini

The scenes 5 and 6 are intercut.

Honors and Awards
XBiz Awards, 2019
Nominee: Foreign Feature Release of the Year
XBIZ Europa Awards, 2019
Nominee: Best Sex Scene – Feature Movie, Alberto Blanco, Lana Rhoades, Ricky Mancini
Nominee: Feature Movie of the Year

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