Private Movies 15 Ghost Bangers (2005)

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Over two hundred years later, the ghosts of the castle return to enjoy utterly depraved sex with the new_Tenants

Scene Breakdown
Scene 1. Claudia Ferrari, Lauro Giotto
Scene 2. Tera Bond, Ricardo Bell
Scene 3. Silvy Taylor, Horst Baron, Kevin King
Scene 4. Claudia Ferrari, Kevin King
Scene 5. Silvy Taylor, Lauro Giotto, Ricardo Bell
Scene 6. Alexa Weix, Horst Baron

Review by Flash

Ghost Bangers held potential for being a fun adult ghost story. However, as tends to be the case on more and more of the recent Private feature films, there is no real plot to the film. Which is unfortunate since Private has the resources and ability to make a far better film than this. The plotted portions, which are small, only exist to connect the sex scenes together. There is no attempt to really tell a story nor really conclude one.

As the plot goes, in 1732, the Baron (Ricardo Bell), catches his wife (Claudio Ferrari) cheating on him with a count (Lauro de Giotto). The Baron kills both of them and then commits suicide. Cut to 272 years later when Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton (Kevin King and Sylvie Taylor) are looking to buy the castle. While they get a feel for the place, the ghosts of the Baron, the Baroness and the count visit.

The lack of a plot is a shame, especially since Private has found beautiful locations and has great sets for this film. Private have also gone through the lengths of collecting excellent costumes for the film. All of this adds up to nothing in a feature film without the feature portion. The film has the standard Private glossy beautiful look but is fully lacking substance on most levels.

As is usual with Private, the cast here looks great. The women are beautiful and the men look good. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone complain about the looks of Private cast members. The sex scenes are lacking though. They suffer from poor editing with no transitions to the acts. You’ll watch one sex act and, following an edit, you’ll be watching another sex act.

All in all, what could have been a good movie ultimately becomes a slightly below average entry from Private.

Final Thoughts

Ghost Bangers fails as a feature film, due to the lack of plot and dialog but has decent sex scenes with a nice looking cast. The DVD release is rather standard from Private.

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